7 Footsteps and 7 Prayers for Getting Out of Hell

We can all break free from hell. We must put freedom above everything else as our goal. We must restore that in our lives. Rise to the Sun says: “As we leave hell behind, we unlock and unchain all that prevents us from being worthy of love.” 


This book on spiritual healing is a cultural voyage to freedom set in the context of our times. In my 50-year global odyssey through China, Canada, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, New York and India, I have encountered people  whose lives show us that we can all successfully break free from hopelessness, trauma and grief, to being worthy of love; and as we find it within, we begin sharing the inner journey of freedom with others. 


We travel our freedom differently in West and East, North and South, but ultimately, how we travel inwardly is the same as how we travel outwardly. 





People are seeking healing and inspiration. At the same time, so many of us want to ‘do something’ about the world in which we live – to be of service.  Many self-help and personal growth programs write about what you can do to heal and feel better about yourself. This is not that kind of book. The journey of the 7 footsteps is about seeing things differently before trying to ‘fix’ ourselves. 

Most important in moving forward and growing, is to redefine your activism via a spiritual way of seeing. The process is not prescriptive. We have to see for ourselves. We are not meant to be programmed by outside forces. 


The progression of the 7 footsteps and 7 prayers brings you   to a new place. A Three-Step Recipe (to keep our eyes open!) guides us to the meaning of retraining ourselves. 

Each and every one of us can find the courage to change by taking personal responsibility for our relationships, making friends and sharing our freedom. Words, images, prayers and music guide us forward. 

  • We must say goodbye to our mounting grief and end our suicide
  • We begin to see what is within our immediate reach that leads to personal responsibility
  • Every step of this book includes prayers, those beautiful phrases of human emotion and truth that help us see hope where there is little or none, to see beauty, to do for ourselves

This Book Is For You

If the idea of transformation is new to you, 

… get ready to change your relationship with your past as well as the future. 

The journey to finding freedom, self-worth and love:
a spiritual book of stories, prayers and art. 

A return to purity.

If you’ve never picked up a book that offers moments of awakening,
Rise to the Sun will be a new foundation.

For the doers out there engaged in activism, social progress and community transformation,   Rise to the Sun helps us become better voyagers of the future, seeking to embrace a positive spiritual vision. 



We have a spiritual problem that can be changed. 

What if I were to tell you that seeing beauty is where 
the courage comes from to change? 

The progression of the footsteps symbolizes the way forward and helps in navigating our way through rough waters whether personal collective or spiritual in nature. 

Making it safely across – to the other side of fear grief and trauma travailing all the bumps and pains – is not something we easily see or feel at the outset. The goal for this book is to help renew and transform ourselves in order to be more joyful resilient and creative in taking on what we care about most. 

It is finding beauty that the strength comes to conquer anything.